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    Honeycomb of activated carbon filter

    Honeycomb of activated carbon filter   Product NO.JH-B-02

    Product synopsis:
    Honeycomb of activated carbon filter is one of the main products of our company, the mesh is the modern latest technological means will air purification special high quality carbon powder evenly with unique plant in three-dimensional structure of polyurethane foam is made on the sheet (nets) shape, the stink, adsorption body odor, methanol, bacteria, and other harmful substances and dust adsorption performance is good, large absorption capacity, a honeycomb shape through holes structure, large amount of air. Activated carbon filter is all sorts of honeycomb air filter, air conditioner, lampblack cleaner and the most commonly used purification mesh, and in foreign countries to be used as a mattress and pillow core, refrigerator deodorant bags and other products, wide to receive the daily market.
    The product specification and technical index:
    The product specification: width 1 * 2 M
    3-30 MM thickness
    Aperture pores, holes, big hole in
    The main index: HanTanLiang acuity 40%
    Benzene adsorption rate: 28%
    Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate 50% acuity
    The wind resistance (10 MM, for example) more than 20 P
    According to customers requirements the size of the corresponding cut out.
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