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    Corrugated activated carbon filter

    Corrugated activated carbon filter   Product NO.JH-B-04

    Product synopsis:
    Corrugated activated carbon filter (activated carbon filter) is by special corrugated of activated carbon paper (its adsorption performance more than the average carbon paper several times) processed into corrugated form. It can effectively remove the harmful gas of air (benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia), large filtering, wind resistance is small, it is a kind of ideal air purification materials.

    Use: the product can be used for air conditioner, air purifier remove existing within the bedroom in formaldehyde.

    Performance index: this product after the company testing, the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia purification effects were 95%, 90%, 66%.
    (under the conditions of use, 45, was the L test the size of the test for 250 * 60 * 10 mm)
    Note: according to customers requirements miscalculates production various specifications.
    At the same time the production of various kinds of PP filter paper miscalculates corrugated, aluminum honeycomb etc antibacterial air conditioning screen pack.

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