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    Bamboo charcoal cloth

    Senior bamboo charcoal cloth, aggrandizement floor good partners, such as bamboo charcoal insole supplemental materials
    Bamboo charcoal as a new material, have good adsorption decomposition, moisture absorption, conductive, far infrared ray and anion effect. Can effectively adjust humidity, make the floor deformation, damp, no peculiar smell, mildewy, never dry and pure and fresh. Damp is real wood floors biggest killer. In general, and floor at the bottom of the contact environment humidity will be higher than the floor itself, in addition, plus moisture from the air long time of erosion, damp floor easy to expand, cause mutual extruding, cause craze, and long time of damp will also cause the floor of the mildew, and so on.
    Bamboo charcoal cloth spread on the floor for, aggrandizement floor and carpet under, as for traditional and moistureproof mat substitute, also can be laid at the original mat above; At the same time, carbon cloth are applicable to the ceiling in the place such as laid.
    Method of use: in the floor before installation, will this product evenly laid in the middle, duojiang every square metre under floor laid 0.5 kg or above, more than a little better. At the same time in after decorating can also be the product directly after unpacking placed in a room, to indoor air purification can have the result that expect is less than.
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