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    Fiber activated carbon filter

    Fiber activated carbon filter   Product NO.JH-B-01 

    Product synopsis:
    Fiber activated carbon filter (activated carbon felt) is one of our companys leading products, the mesh is the high polymer materials will air purification special high quality carbon powder evenly grown in non-woven fiber made on the shape of the body, felt adsorption odor, peculiar smell, benzene, methanol and other harmful gases and dust absorption capacity is very big, because of its appearance is fibrous and are called fiber activated carbon filter, it is all sorts of air purifier, filter, air conditioner, lampblack purifier purify the common use of the mesh, it can also be used in advanced agricultural textiles, tasteless furniture (such as shoe ark, etc.), deodorization commodity (such as in the trash bin) in a smelly device.

    The product specification and technical index:
    Main features:
    1. The active carbon adsorption material powder with each other, and contact area with more big, adsorption speed is faster.
    2. Fiber activated carbon filter has good stability and good air permeability, but according to different situations need any cutting, fold, applicable range is very wide.
    3. Both good adsorption performance, and have good dust collection effect, so often to be used as a all kinds of filter supporting filtration material. The base material USES the high quality fiber classics non-woven technology, the structure of the filter is made without direction, irregular stack and become, the smoke in the air, and to the harmful gas and liquid impurity in all have special filter function, therefore fiber activated carbon filter is air purification and fluid filtration material ideal of purification.
    4. Professional development processing technology make active carbon adsorption properties in good condition, and a strong bond with base material, when using, its not easy to change the fall off and activated off powder phenomenon.
    5. Fiber activated carbon filter in the HanTanLiang around 50%, can also according to customer need to adjust.
    6. Conventional index


    Carbon content

    Benzene adsorption rate
    Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate
    Dust JingHuaLv
    The product specification: According to customers specific requirements.
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