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    Activated carbon fiber filter

    Activated carbon fiber filter   Product NO.JH-C-02

    Product synopsis:
    1. By high adsorption materials, active carbon fibre and high performance activated carbon composite can be made,
    Efficient water odor removal and chemical pollutants. Performance than the ordinary activated carbon filter core great twice as tall as above.
    2. The chloride high effect, low pressure drop.
    3. Non-toxic, tasteless, and acid and alkali resistance.

    Main specifications:
    61 mm diameter : 28 mm diameter
    Length: 10 "(250 mm 254 mm)
    20 "(500 mm 508 mm)
    30 "(750 mm 762 mm)
    Another: the customers can request the production various specifications of the filter.

    The main parameters:
    1. Filtering precision () : 5
    2. Working temperature (90 ) : 0-
    3. The highest working pressure (Mpa) : 0.4 Mpa
    4. Velocity (L/min) : 4
    5. Residual chlorine remove ability: 95% to 80%. :
    (water yield) 1000 gallons of 2000 gallons
    (with 10 "filter accurate)
    Areas of application:
    Had chemical solution, electronics, plating solution filtering
    Water purification treatment had food decoloring
    -vice organic solvent filtering
    Had DuoZhong acid and alkaline solution, washing the filter
    -vice oils, paints, inks, photographic emulsion filtering

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