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    Paper and smooth accelerant mesh

    Smooth accelerant Product NO.JH-B-10

    Smooth accelerant mesh (also named light, photocatalytic mesh regeneration) with its  technology and continuous high antibacterial properties and become the most welcome by users of air filters filter material with.

    Basic principle:
    Smooth accelerant mesh is nano TiO2 powders of will and DuoZhong nanoscale light sensitive semiconductor media grid work, make sure do doping permeability and contact fully, again with carrier mixed refine and processed, not only more sufficient adsorption in the air the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon iodide, aldehydes, benzene of harmful gases and unpleasant all the peculiar smell, and can put them down into harmless CO2 and H2O, because oxidation is extremely strong, it can also destroy bacteria to kill bacteria, bacteria membrane. In addition, it just after illumination (uv light), its catalytic ability can recover, activation medium not be loss, capable of regeneration, use for a long time, so use for the majority of air conditioner, air disinfection machine, auto purification system, heating machine manufacturers the a new type of air purification mesh.

    Main products: 
    1. The cellular smooth accelerant mesh in polyurethane cellular nets hole base material deposited photocatalytic materials. Because of the variety of unique without rules cellular structure and has good through holes of the purification of performance, and small resistance, easy to cut forming, application scope, costs and relatively low, and to be the most popular, utilization rate is the biggest smooth accelerant mesh. 
    2. The paper and smooth accelerant mesh pulp and light catalysis mixing rubber molding, made for four to 20 mm thickness, the long size according to user requirements production.
    3. Aluminum smooth accelerant mesh in daylighting function very good special aluminium honeycomb base material six-party nets hole sedimentary photocatalytic materials, purification effect is better, long service life, is usually two kinds of aperture to choose from, appearance is beautiful and easy, this product has been many domestic and foreign manufacturers choose air purifier.
    4. PP corrugated smooth accelerant mesh in corrugated corrugated filter base material in PP photocatalyst nano material is made.
    Product performance:
    My companys smooth accelerant mesh detect via professional orgnaization, superior performance, the user can rest assured to choose.
    1. The deodorization performance nano smooth accelerant mesh to formaldehyde deodorization rate was 90% above, the rate of ammonia deodorization for more than 95% of hydrogen sulfide, deodorization rate for 90. % above.
    2. Sterilization performance: metering accelerant mesh was to colon bacillus sterilization rate was more than 99%, against staphylococcus aureus sterilization rate of 99%.
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